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Tiny Tlaxcala might be Mexico’s tiniest state yet it is among the most quintessentially Mexican in its customs, specifically in the realm of food. The same artistic panache with which individuals of this area painted their old holy place murals were applied to the development of their local recipes. Because pre-Colombian times, Tlaxcaltecos have utilized an innovative blending of tastes to produce the mouthwatering dishes for which the area has long been well-known. Even its name is synonymous with food: Tlaxcala indicates “place of bread made with corn.”

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It was the suggestion of preserving, as well as promoting the food preparation traditions of Tlaxcala which Guillermina Avila Reyes started collecting and improving recipes in the late eighties. She spoke to home chefs, found genuine active ingredients, as well as found suppliers of the freshest local vegetables and fruit. 10 years later, she got the International Gold Prize for Gastronomy, as well as co-owner, and her other half from Las Cazuelas, Everardo Reyes, a world-class dining establishment with unique and great Tlaxcalan food. She is a fountain of details on making use of Mexican herbs, greens, and flavors along with a thoughtful person hosting.

A Colonial Gem

Establish in the middle of lawns, as well as yards in the beautiful Tlaxcala countryside, the restaurant is a couple of minutes from the facility of the tiny colonial city of Tlaxcala, the state capital, a half hour from Puebla, as well as an hour, and a half from Mexico City. The city’s zocalo, the main square, and the structures surrounding it have got a face-lift in the last few years, with the old colonial buildings sparkling like little jewels in the sunlight. The massive 16th-century Franciscan convent includes a gallery of Tlxcalteca culture, with spaces loaded with both pre-Colombian, and colonial treasures bordering sunny patios. Rock sidewalks connect it with the other convent structures: the free-standing belfry, the still-active church, as well as the processional outdoor patio.

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