Do You Want to go for Family Photography While in Destin?


Family photographs can take a lot of time and effort, and they are always very unique. There is a lot of planning that goes into family sessions, from choosing proper attire to locating the best photographer for your family.

We are aware that it can also seem a little overwhelming. Imagine wearing the outfit you choose for a prolonged period of time while grinning before the camera for 30 to 60 minutes.

Family photos, professional social media content, and real estate photography are all services that Destin Florida Photographer can provide.

Things to do before the session

Schedule appointments for hair, nails, and/or cosmetics before your photo shoot. Make sure your roots are touched up, and your nails should not have any chips in them.

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your clothing; do it at least a week in advance. It is important to plan these aspects ahead of time if you want to wake up feeling at ease and ready. Inform your children about what is happening in a relaxed, low-key manner.

Think of certain accessories, keepsakes, or unique photo opportunities you wish to have. And of course, make sure everyone has a decent lunch and a restful night’s sleep before.

Few tips for preparing your family portrait session

  1. Location

It might be challenging to choose the ideal place for your family photographs. We typically advise people to choose a site that holds some significance for them, whether it is a natural setting like a park or an urban setting like a beloved neighborhood.

Photographers are typically willing to offer suggestions because they have a selection of locations they frequently use. Golden hour, or roughly 90 minutes before sunset, is when most outdoor photographers choose to take pictures. 

  1. Wardrobe selection

Planning your family’s attire well in advance of your session is always advised. You don’t want to worry about what to dress in the days before your photos, which could generate tension.

You must also consider the season of the year you want to have your photographs taken and also the location you have selected. If you choose an urban location as against the one that is much closer to nature, you might prefer to dress differently.

In the fall, you can layer colors and patterns, but in the spring and summer, you might want to go for lighter, simpler outfits that won’t make you too hot and uncomfortable.

  1. Prepping your family members

It is advisable to discuss your planned session well in advance if any family members are not overly thrilled about having their pictures taken.

As you practice some of your favorite joyful smiles in the mirror, tell your children how much fun it will be. Choose lighter, simpler clothing selections that won’t make you hot and uncomfortable if your husband or partner is not particularly like taking pictures.

Explain to them how important they are to you and how lovely it will be to have pictures to enjoy for years to come.

  1. Plan your time well

If you intend to get your hair and cosmetics done, be sure to schedule more time for yourself during the day. Set aside your time for each member to dress. You will feel more at ease when you arrive at your session if you are not rushed.

  1. Feed everyone and ensure that kids had a proper nap/rest

Kids who are both hungry and exhausted may become irritable. Before your session, be sure to feed everyone.

Make sure your infants or little children have taken a good nap.

Try to avoid packing their day with too many events if you have older children. Everyone should feel good, in your opinion.

  1. Bring snacks

When it comes to young children, snacks are king. Certain snacks are superior to others. Try to choose non-sticky or messy foods such dried fruit, simple biscuits, goldfish crackers, and cheese cubes.

Save the candy, chocolate, and other time-consuming foods until after your session.

  1. Extra clothes for kids

Accidents are unavoidable. A photo-ready dress might become a bit of a catastrophe after accidents like spitting up, falling into mud puddles, and other mishaps. Always keep extra clothing on hand for your infants and young children. 

You spent a lot of time and money planning your session, so you don’t want to be let down by unpleasant stains. Even better, just in case, bring an extra clothing for your husband or wife and yourself.

If you want to have a range of styles, you can even use these garments for a second “look.”

  1. Touch-up supplies

We advise bringing a packet of wipes if you are bringing small children. After a snack, you might need to wipe a grimy face.

We always advise bringing additional hair ties and a brush. When it is windy, you might decide to pull your long hair out of your face if you or your children have long hair.

When it is windy, you might decide to pull your long hair out of your face if you or your children have long hair. If you think you might need a touch-up, bring additional powder and lipstick. This is particularly crucial on a warm, sunny evening.

  1. Relax and have fun

Your moment to shine has come! Your photographer will advise you on how to position yourself so that the light is optimal. It is up to you to enjoy yourselves and one another.

If the youngsters are becoming irritable or not listening, don’t worry about it. The kids will be more at ease the calmer the parents are!

  1. Don’t just smile while facing the camera

You will receive signals and instructions from photographers so that they may record genuine interactions amongst everyone. Do not worry they will never abandon you!

They will undoubtedly attempt to take a few pictures of everyone smiling for the camera, but also will direct you to engage in conversation so that the magic may truly be caught!

Playfully interact with your children. Tease them, give them lots of hugs and smile!

We hope you have found our post helpful!


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